Monday, December 17, 2012

Got Nothing To Lose

I’ve had to jump and then lie low
I’ve had to run and then go slow
I’ve had to chase and then follow
I’ve had to stop and then let go

But baby, I’m through with it all
I’ve done my time, I’ve taken the fall
Baby, I’m broken but here’s the news
I’ve lost it all, so I got nothing to lose

I will get past but I won’t get good
I’ll understand and not be understood
I won’t be fine but guess what
I can't be worse, and that's a happy thought

So baby, let’s strike the match
Let’s watch it burn, rather than start from scratch
Let’s take the detour, just let’s cut loose
For when you’ve lost it all, you got nothing to lose.


Its lost the burn of hot
Its too early to be called cold
Its meandered into in-between
Its used up the quality of bold

Its turned its back on urgent
Yet, it would be unfair to say its dead
In a land called Lukewarm
Things are better left unsaid

Its moved beyond the superlative
Its got stuck in the so-so
Its changed track from manic
And drifted to a pace more slow

Its apathy is showing, its breath is dying
Its clearly past the storm
And yet, it’s there and will remain
In a land that’s called Lukewarm.