Wednesday, July 02, 2014

You Should Hang On To Him

You keep telling me he’s no better than slime
And all because he asks for more me-time
And just because he goes to sleep watching TV
Doesn’t mean his love for you isn’t sublime
You guys seem good, or am I missing something?
Agreed, he doesn’t visit the gym
He’s worth his weight in gold, what I’m saying is
You should hang on to him.

He lacks ambition and I won’t describe him as driven
The fact that he’s lackluster is a given
But he’s a likeable bloke when drunk and quiet
And when you see that sincere smile, all is forgiven
You love him, unless that has changed – has it?
Then the situation looks kind of grim
But if you think you’re cooler, that’s not true
You should hang on to him.

You’ve got designer friends and a job with a title
Your features are sharp, statistics vital
But you’re a selfie who doesn’t need a camera
Somewhat like a performer always giving a recital
So stand back and stop writing him off
You’re just as forgettably interim
Hang on to what’s best, hang on to my words
You should hang on to him.

Lost My Heart, Never Found It

It was a whisper of a suggestion
And it triggered off a flame
I guess I wanted a reaction
I thought you felt the same
And as I burnt in the demolition
Of love going down the drain
I knew what we'd shared was over
And we'd never go down that lane

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest I never tried
Because it felt good to have burnt in passion
Which forever, I thought had died

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest, I'm glad I'm crying
Because it's true that love is faithless
But that shouldn't stop me from trying

You've sold out to the rhyme and reason
And my life has hardly been a clean chit
But there's just one truth left, till the end of days
That I've lost my heart and never found it.

A Mean, Mean Note

You've made it amply known and how
That you're surrounded all the time
By fan mails and admirers and crazy flying objects
I'm not saying that's a crime

But surely you're competent enough to know
And it doesn't take Holmes-type detection
Your updates are packed with fizz and froth
But your toxic persona needs more conviction

One day, I thought I'd have a seizure
When you went on for hours about your phone
Then I heard you talk about some campaign you cracked
And it was as insufferable as a kidney stone

Much like a corporate brochure you sound
Brimming with lofty vision statements
And your pathetic attempts at being humble
Are just as forced as in-film placements

Am I being mean, yes undoubtedly
I'm a bad penny, I feel no remorse
And much as you're bound to be fit and fantastic
In being nicer, I'll take a refresher course.

Good, Bad

The good news is the flame is still there
The bad news is I've forgotten how to start a fire
The good news is that work is aplenty
The bad news is that plenty of the work is terrible

The good news is that people are generally nice
The bad news is that I'm not generally nice with them

The good news is that laughter is easy
The bad news is the laugh is often on me
The good news is the house looks great
The bad news is it's still not my home
The good news is that friends will beckon
The bad news is that I've nothing to hold them back
The good news is that change is inevitable
The bad news is that I distrust change

The good news is that life is decent
The bad news is that I'm not good with decent

The good and the bad
The yin and the yang
On a melancholic morning
A not-so-young poet sang.