Thursday, June 27, 2013

Speaking of Which

I have been in love with you for years
So many, that I don’t know how many
Speaking of which

There are many reasons to love you
So many, that I don’t know which one is most important
Speaking of which

You are the most important person in my world
So important, that I don’t know what I’d do minus you
Speaking of which

The only minus about you is your poor sense of humour
So poor, it actually makes me cry
Speaking of which

I wince each time I open your Twitter page
So badly, because it’s sucks
Speaking of which

Badly is exactly how I’ve been lately
So bad, I think I may be in love
Speaking of which

I have been in love with you for years
So many, that I don’t know how many.

Same Same, Different Year

And so we wake with a heavy head
Read the papers, check the forecast ahead

The predictions are vanilla, but we live in hope
This year will be better, we’ll do more than just cope

Eat healthy, think positive, get drunk far less
Bury the past, get a move on, deal with the stress

Go to the gym, find a hobby, remember to smile
Get paid better, save money, donate once in a while

Cut down on shopping, read books, sleep easy
Make less plans, go with the flow, be breezy

Wishing life takes a turn, for the cheery and the clear
And yet we continue, same-same, different year.

This Too Shall Pass

We must maintain our composure
We must learn not to weep
We must keep faith in the fact
That the past is buried when we sleep

And so we condition our minds
But when we wake up, alas
The night has died, but the cliché survives
That maybe, this too shall pass.

Can this storm be calmed down
Can it be numbed by witty conversation
Can we continue with the cheer and wine
While hurtling in the opposite direction

There’s no telling what will happen
For all of it seems such a farce
The further we grieve, the further we believe
That maybe, this too shall pass.

What's your Type?

Seriously conformist
or nonchalantly jovial
Homely and laidback
Or supersonic trivial

Quiet neurotic
Or mixed-bag eclectic
Anti-social wallflower
or emotionally exotic

What’s your type, baby
How do you come undone?
Stereotype, tell me yours
Come on, everyone has one

Time you fixed on that
Instead of seeking something new
You say you don’t get typecast
That’s a joke, and it’s spreading like flu

White meats go best with white wine
And solids go best with stripes
So why oscillate, then hyperventilate
When you can just stick to types

What’s your type, baby
How do you come undone?
Stereotype, tell me yours
Come on, everyone has one.

Our Failings

Words have a habit of failing you

Just when you need them the most

Feelings are obnoxiously outspoken

At times you want to be composed

Regret comes cropping its ugly head

When you think you’ve left it behind

Nostalgia takes a turn for the worse

Even when the future looks kind

Hindsight comes a poor second

Just as the worst is over

Relief hits you like a rolling wave

And immediately runs for cover

Hate is a fickle friend

You never know when it will turn

Love is the sworn enemy

For those who pray for it and burn

Within you they exist

Without them, you’re dead A

And since you won’t ever leave them alone

You insist on taking them to bed

9 out of 10

9 out of 10 Americans eat pizza

At least once a month

It’s a crazy statistic

My mind is frenetic

For 9 out of 10 theories that exist

There’s always an outside chance we’ve missed

One that’s broken out of school

A happy exception to the rule

9 out of 10 smokers in the world

Start smoking at age eighteen

It’s just dangerous thinking

But my heart is sinking

For 9 out of 10 facts that are scary

There’s always a day more ordinary

A bottle of wine that’s chill

And a moment for us to sit still

9 out of 10 victims of lightning

Manage to survive the tragedy

It’s such a consolation

That everything’s not desolation

For 9 out of 10 things that don’t go well

There’s always a chance in hell

That no matter how much you fail

You’ll live to tell the tale.

A Damsel Who Needs To Lament

I’m better off alone, she said

Without a loser like you in bed

She wore her heels and cut her hair

Her clothes were short, or barely there

She danced all night and got home late

Her Facebook statuses were always great

She blamed the men for all things wrong

And told the world her life was a song

Her theories of love were unreal and hazy

Yet her conviction in them, were not short of crazy

Being single was cool, she endorsed

But her words were sounding most forced

Well, who’s to say when she’ll wake up and exclaim

How the fuck did I turn so lame?

The Ballad of a Bachelor

I am seeing things as they should be
Rather than how they could be
And I’m torn.

I’m coming closer to the ending
I’m done with pretending
You’re not gone.

I’m seeing through the haze of pretty
While weathering the gust of pity
Or maybe scorn.

I’ll be forced to leave
This place in my head called Make-believe
And watch porn.

Domino Effect

As a rule of thumb

We often succumb

To things that we won’t ever get

Predictable to a rule

We’ll be someone’s fool

Till we’re forced to let go and regret


There’s a pattern we all

Take to our downfall

And no matter what stories we select

To make sense of the mess

It’s tinged with distress

When the dots begin to connect


So steer clear

Or live in fear

When things start looking perfect

It’s not peculiar

When the end is near

For things to go down, in domino effect.