Monday, October 29, 2012

Cliche Junkie

All things said and done and heard
I guess it’s tough to be original
Because hey, there isn’t a fresh thought
That qualifies as cerebral
But silence is golden, or haven’t you heard
When you have nothing to say, say nothing
Wrapping your thoughts in clich├ęs is fine
But the veto is what you’ll be getting
Repeating things oft repeated
Is like doing what I call a Crap Diem
But I guess it’s all been said before
Guilty as charged: Ad Nauseam.

Big Girl, Small World

I’m a big girl now

I don’t need small talk
That takes you away from the larger picture

I don’t cultivate small fries
Who are basically sycophants with large promises

I don’t place my bets on this small world
That is ruled disproportionately by large incomes

I don’t value small mercies
That are compromises wrapped in large wrappings

I don’t find small joys
And that only hurts me largely at times

I don’t appreciate small measures
Because they often divert from the larger plot

I don’t get small lies
Because you always end up being the larger victim

I don’t like the fact that small town dreams
Have resulted in a larger-than-life ego

And yet
As I look into the mirror
I see a person
And she’s smaller
Far smaller a person that she was.

Friday State of Mind

Of all the things I whine about
And a hundred come to mind
That weekend's near, is not one my dear
So Friday, do be kind

My job's got me going nowhere
It's just the daily grind
Things won't get better, there's no increment letter
So Friday, do be kind

My weight oscillates, my jeans don't fit
The effects can be seen on my behind
My love life is a joke, I don't have a bloke
So Friday, do be kind

Today, I shall OD on coffee, skip low-cal
And to work, turn an eye quite blind
Throw back some drinks, catch up on forty winks
That's my Friday state of mind.