Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Observations of a Hungry Mind

You Sir, you're a Flirt
And it's quite known that you chase the skirt
And while you pretend to deny
 That you've got a case of glad-eye
 Be warned, you won't escape unhurt

You Madam, you're a Tease
And while you can do as you please
 You can't cry foul
 And then begin to howl
 When you lead them on and then freeze

You Mister, you're a Quitter
What's worse, you're a fence sitter
 You're not sure what you want
And despite the machismo you flaunt
You're as lost as a pup in the litter.

You Girl, you're a Keeper
Problem is, men don't look deeper
So while you're all homely
And decidedly comely
There's a high chance you'll end up a weeper

You dude, you're a Show Stopper
And by god, your looks are a jaw dropper
The gym keeps you busy
You send girls into a tizzy
But as for wit, there you're a pauper

You lassie, you're a Whiner
No obstacle is ever minor
Tears are your tool
But nobody's a fool
So brace up, life won't get any finer.

Oh weary world, don't stop reading
Just because my words are bleeding
With sarcasm and acid
And nothing close to placid
I think I'm hungry, I need feeding.