Monday, October 10, 2016


See, it's December.
The nights will intrude earlier
The Sun will seem less friendlier
The wind will sharpen its claws
And the air will get fiercer
But it's not going to change a thing
For our conversations will last longer
Our connection will get stronger
And we'll do good to remember
That no matter May or December
 No matter how fake this splendour
You're that place I like to call Centre
So screw the left-of-the-centre theory
You're my goddamn centre.
See, it's December.
Sweaters will be in season
Coffee will be drunk without reason
Mornings will be tinged by darkness
Melancholy and fog will see collision
But that won't change anything for us
For it will only make things clearer
If at all, you'll grow dearer
And we'll do good to remember
That no matter May or December
We'll never have to surrender
Our lack of what others call sanity
Call it friendship, call it camaraderie
So screw the reason or the season it may be
You're my reason to be Me.


Look at you
So strong, so bullish, so carefree
And yet, you can’t see, you can’t see it at all
You've been such a mess lately.
The world has stood still in your playground
And you've been grouped into Anonymously
And that's the thing about dreams you nurture long but die fast
They end cruelly.

Look at you
So worn, so wishful, so weary
And yet, you're here and you're surveying this life
And it feels like infinity.
But you choose not to draw the spotlight on you
After all, you've been pretty busy
Fighting the daily wars that take you away from the big battle
And that's a pity.

Look at you
So out there, outspoken, outwardly
And yet, you're not so sure about where to start
Or when to swim against the tide vehemently.
Take my word, let's clear this patch
For past the obscure, you'll spot it quite clearly
That what you thought had passed, has been in you all along
For without conviction, what are we?


I've just walked in and am close to bored already
It's not like I expected anything to happen
And then I see you standing there
Dim lit, not so fit
And Happen just happens. 
You're looking kind of lost and it's comforting
Because suddenly I'm not so alone
By now, I'm wondering what would happen
If we said hello, talk some more
What if Happen just happens? 
 I've reached the end of my drink, so soon
And there's nothing a lot happening in my head
And hey, you're leaving already
Am I just late or is it just fate
Because Happen just left the building.


I heard you got too tipsy and trashy
But that's okay, the person who told me is news-flashy
And just when she wanted me to believe otherwise
Her augmented envy hit me between my eyes

Hearsay is hearsay, it's a pity
Gossip is burning up this city
While it's better to be hated than ignored
Who in this world can be Gossip-insured?

I hear you found love in the arms of Mr. Not-so-Right
But that's okay, the person who told me is uptight
And just when his barb reeked of Patronizing
His impish boy-like charm turned agonizing

Hearsay is hearsay, it's a pity
Gossip is burning up this city
While it’s a sign of the distantly-matured
Who in this world can be Gossip-insured?

I hear you have an addiction all compelling
But that's okay, the person who told me is repelling
And just when I begin to feel a sense of déjà vu
I figure the rumour involves me, not you

Hearsay is hearsay, it's a pity
Gossip is burning up this city
No smoke without fire, I've heard
Who in this world can be Gossip-insured?


When I set out to travel
I'll drop the shadow
The shadow of being someone
Someone you or anyone else knows

I'll lie back in the anonymity
And stretch out my possibilities
The possibility that my North Star is on a sabbatical
And my Crazy Star is on the rise

Could I be foolish and yet make you smile?
Could I be mindless and yet come out wise?
Could I wander and yet not be lost?
Could I find a new address that is not home?

Could I swim in an infinity of strangers
And find something to share with each one of them?
Could I do something for the sheer fun of it
And not feel plummeted by the 'what ifs'?

I will be that traveller
Where I'll be the chorus in the silence
Where I'll be the applause in the noise
Where I won't be Someone you know
But I'll still be the One who Knows.


She’s facing the music on her own 
Much too long she’s been 
Dancing to the tune of someone she knew 
No longer, she’s not too keen 
And as she takes in the sights 
 It’s not like she’s betraying 
 But there’s a halo around her 
 that’s simply, quite simply saying
Single Again, I’m Single Again 
So I’ll take that holiday for one 
And if you’re gonna be my mate 
 Let’s not share anything but fun
She’s taking the punches like a pro 
It’s not like she’s not been beaten 
But what’s the use of a story if you’ve 
Never bitten more than you should’ve eaten 
So she’s got her bagful of worries 
But she’s not tying it up with a string of Attached 
And as she readies to walk it alone 
 She’s saying to you in a tone detached 
Single Again, I’m Single Again 
So I’ll walk with you, do you like walking? 
But if you’re looking for a heart-to-heart 
Get this, I won’t be doing the talking.


So highly strung 
You’ve been for long 
Like a guitar that’s wrung 
All out of song 
And all you need 
Is a corner to lie 
Where you can just 
Not be questioned why 
So just for once 
Don’t shine brighter 
 And just for once 
Don’t be that fighter 
And I’m telling you this 
 Take second place 
And just for once 
Slow down your pace 
Look up at skies 
And not look for inspiration 
Stare at the stars 
With no expectation 
And even if you fall 
And even if you rise 
Everything you do 
Doesn’t have to be a prize 
You may not understand this 
But said quite simply 
Just take my hand 
 And lean on me. 
You may not understand this 
But said quite simply 
 Just take my hand 
And lean on me.


Staying grounded is solid 
Being whimsical isn’t your thing 
The last time you threw caution to the winds 
Caution came back to sting 
 And before you could even grimace 
You had fallen. 
Now, here you are 
Quite similarly placed in a situation 
And you’ve been biding your time 
Probably weighing your options 
But consider the option you’ve not used so far 
Only for a moment do. 
Now, don’t say you’re betting on it 
Or even claim that you’re being reckless 
Just take a deep breath 
And leap into what you think is best 
For sometimes it is in a Maybe 
That you will find a Definitely.


I’m not so sure about a spritzer
Soda in wine is not my style
I’m not so sure about dilution
 So give me the truth straight up, even if it takes a while.

Give me your passion unbridled
Even if it’s going to burn
Give me your time undivided
Even if I have to wait my turn.

 Give me your shame explicit
Even if it will make you less desirable
Give me your fears un-glossed
Even if it makes you more vulnerable

I’m not so sure about dilution
Because watery is so not worth my while
I’m not so sure about a spritzer
For soda in wine is not my style.


The shadows on the wall

They’re getting longer

And our connections maybe

They’re getting stronger

Finding a corner in my head

Is easier than you imagined

Standing a chance with you

Is nicer unimagined

Places we’ve never been

They’ll start growing a road

Phases we’ve yet to manoeuvre

They’ll probably be explored

Too much of talking is a bad thing

Too much of thinking is worse

And procrastination is just evil

When you are my universe.