Monday, October 10, 2016


She’s facing the music on her own 
Much too long she’s been 
Dancing to the tune of someone she knew 
No longer, she’s not too keen 
And as she takes in the sights 
 It’s not like she’s betraying 
 But there’s a halo around her 
 that’s simply, quite simply saying
Single Again, I’m Single Again 
So I’ll take that holiday for one 
And if you’re gonna be my mate 
 Let’s not share anything but fun
She’s taking the punches like a pro 
It’s not like she’s not been beaten 
But what’s the use of a story if you’ve 
Never bitten more than you should’ve eaten 
So she’s got her bagful of worries 
But she’s not tying it up with a string of Attached 
And as she readies to walk it alone 
 She’s saying to you in a tone detached 
Single Again, I’m Single Again 
So I’ll walk with you, do you like walking? 
But if you’re looking for a heart-to-heart 
Get this, I won’t be doing the talking.

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