Monday, October 10, 2016


When I set out to travel
I'll drop the shadow
The shadow of being someone
Someone you or anyone else knows

I'll lie back in the anonymity
And stretch out my possibilities
The possibility that my North Star is on a sabbatical
And my Crazy Star is on the rise

Could I be foolish and yet make you smile?
Could I be mindless and yet come out wise?
Could I wander and yet not be lost?
Could I find a new address that is not home?

Could I swim in an infinity of strangers
And find something to share with each one of them?
Could I do something for the sheer fun of it
And not feel plummeted by the 'what ifs'?

I will be that traveller
Where I'll be the chorus in the silence
Where I'll be the applause in the noise
Where I won't be Someone you know
But I'll still be the One who Knows.

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