Monday, October 10, 2016


Look at you
So strong, so bullish, so carefree
And yet, you can’t see, you can’t see it at all
You've been such a mess lately.
The world has stood still in your playground
And you've been grouped into Anonymously
And that's the thing about dreams you nurture long but die fast
They end cruelly.

Look at you
So worn, so wishful, so weary
And yet, you're here and you're surveying this life
And it feels like infinity.
But you choose not to draw the spotlight on you
After all, you've been pretty busy
Fighting the daily wars that take you away from the big battle
And that's a pity.

Look at you
So out there, outspoken, outwardly
And yet, you're not so sure about where to start
Or when to swim against the tide vehemently.
Take my word, let's clear this patch
For past the obscure, you'll spot it quite clearly
That what you thought had passed, has been in you all along
For without conviction, what are we?

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