Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get Out

I love the poems. the rhymes

I love the wine, the wind chimes

And the laughter and the nostalgia

But excuse me,get out.

You have the nerves, the balls

You inundate me with words, calls

and your cajoling and coaxing

But excuse me,get out.

You're good but you know it

You're selfish and show it

You're reasonably weak, considerably meek

So excuse me, get out.

This Pretty World & its Petty Realities

It's a Pretty world

Pretty cruel, Pretty mean

You'll be beaten and won't feel it

You'll pass by unseen.

It's a Pretty world

Pretty shallow, Pretty hollow

You'll cave in and think you're on top

Finally you'll be solo

It's a Pretty world

Pretty uncool, Pretty tacky

You'll realize just a bit too late

That everything is so hackneyed.

The After-Thought

I am at the party

And then it happens

The question is asked

The answer is quick

Apt, Clever, Smile-evoking

Till I go home

And when i wash my face

It hits me

I should have said this instead of that

I should have, I should have

Damn! I should have

But then, the moment has passed

So has the line from my lips

And no matter how much I ponder

It's still an after-thought.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Never Ever

i will never be famous
i dont do a single thing
I used to write okay
but now, u must be joking!

i will never be a who's who
but i'm fine with that
because the ones i've seen
are ugly, ridiculous or fat

i will never win any award
or make any headline
but what i will have is a foot-soak
and that big bottle of wine.

If You'd Only

if you'd only look beyond the face paint
you may find a sinner and a saint
if you'd only dare to take the leap
you'd find these waters run quite deep

if you'd only learn to read the commas as well
you'd maybe want to let that conversation dwell
if you'd only probe beyond the trivial
you'd find a life thats pretty much real

if you'd only care to spend some time
you'd realize its not just about the rhyme
if you'd only understand the un-obvious
you'd have the makings of a great 'us'!

Sir, Admit It!

she was all things quixotic
and engagingly exotic
he was under her spell
the effect was narcotic

but years later, he's married
with kids, and its chaotic
to buddies he'll boast
i dated a girl quite neurotic.

dear sir, you lead a lousy life
that you describe as robotic
and you'll never be man enough
to admit your choice was idiotic.

In Tandem With Random

i was in a crucial meeting
when i had a random thought
i nearly choked with laughter
sadly, my boss did not

they say i'm kinda crazy
but i think i'm just random
and while its good to be linear
i'd rather be out of tandem

i was at a party drinking
when a random idea struck
i should have written it down, i know
but just my rotten luck

they say i'm kinda crazy
but i can't understand 'em
it's good to be linear, i know
but wouldn't u rather be random?

i was buying groceries one day
when a random tune played out
i don't know why or how or what
t'was nothing to write home about

they say i'm kinda crazy
but here's the corrigendum
crazy is as crazy does
and random is just random.

Lorem Ipsum

she's a placeholder
he's faking it fine
she's filling in the spaces
he's biding his time

lorem ipsum baby
makes for a good design
dummy text, no context
nothing much to define

she'll make way soon
of that he's aware
he's not in it for the long haul
of that she has no care

lorem ipsum baby
easy come easy go
dispensable, replaceable
a suitable fix, although

and so we live our time
always around, rarely there
running in circles, filling the space
in pleasure laced despair

lorem ipsum baby
repetitive but free flowing
to be replaced someday
but for now, keeps the party going.

A Quiet Moment

Let’s spend a quiet moment
Sit back and breathe the night
Hold hands, exchange tales
And bring in the morning light

Let’s spend a quiet moment
Make nothing too complicated
The silence will be our pleasure
The love will keep us satiated

Let’s spend a quiet moment
Let’s revel in the present
I’ll miss this some day
And you’ll realize what I meant

I Could Be Wrong

its a crazy world
and i believe it will only get worse
but i could be wrong
oh i could be so wrong

love is scarce and conditional
and i believe we seldom have the ability to embrace it openly
but i could be wrong
oh i could be so wrong

fear is a shabby excuse
and i believe it takes pretty little to conceal it
but i could be wrong
oh i could be so wrong

words are poor substitutes
and i believe they sometimes kill what we want to express
but i could be wrong
oh i could be so wrong

death is a tough taskmaster
and i believe it will take its due time and course
but i could be wrong
oh i could be so wrong

its a crazy world
and i believe it will only get worse
but i could be wrong
oh i could be so wrong.


you're the pickle in my meal
you're the jargon in my spiel
but i'm making a big deal
of what i think is sex appeal

you're the weed in my smoke
you're the punchline of my joke
but my lines, they try to cloak
the heartache that u invoke

you're the shimmer in my eye shadow
you're the chutzpah in my mojo
but perhaps we'll take it slow
lest we alter status quo

You Fool

You think it’s over
You think it’s no big deal
But I know you hurt, you feel

You think you’ve triumphed
You think you’re all right
But I know you cry to sleep, each night

You think it’s a shadow
But I know it’s a fever
And the pain overflows like a river

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Twice a day, I drink green tea
Swallow a multivitamin each day
In the hope that I’ll stay healthy
But really, who’s to say.

I wake up each morning
Go for a run, assume strange stances
In the hope that I’ll stay in shape
Seriously, what are the chances.

I try and watch what I eat
Avoid butter, have dinner before nine
But all my goodness goes for a toss
When I open a bottle of wine.

Surely you can’t fault me
It’s a tough life, we all need our vices
While my waistline may take a hit
I hope my wit suffices.

What Say!

We’ll pack a picnic basket
Drive out of town on a weekday
What say?

We’ll live a simpler life
Take chances on the non-linear
What say?

We’ll do away with the clich├ęs
And stop filling the silences
What say?

We’ll face the music together
And make some in the bargain
What say?

We’ll stop rhyming without reason
And write stuff no one cares about
What say?

An ode to 2010

So you think you’re over and done with
So you think you’ve breathed your last
So you think you’ll be forgotten
And relegated to the past.

So you think we’ll pray for better days
So you think we’ll be wiser tomorrow
So you think we’ll resolve to look ahead
And put behind the sorrow

So you know it’s all a matter of time
So you know it’s just a calendar
So you know that life will run its course
Be it January or December.

So you realize there’s no guarantee
So you realize that God willing
So you realize that we can only pray
The next year is not as killing.

Just Asking

you've overstayed your time
you've strayed and wasted your prime
you've made a fool of yourself
and assumed it'll all work out fine

don't cry yourself to sleep no more
don't play games, not knowing the score
don't keep saying it's alright
when you know you can never be sure

you've been running but haven't got far
you've been hiding but show up the scar
you've been taking risks you don't want to
and you know this is all so bizarre

when will you stop filling the silence
when will you stop using words as your defence
when will you open your heart, minus the fence
when will you stop being so goddamn dense...?

really, when!?

Right Align

You know, it's funny but earlier
I never toed the line
And then Daddy used to sometimes say
Beta, you need to right align

I was a rebel, and i had my cause
And i think i turned out just fine
But my boyfriend used to sometimes say
Honey, you may want to right align

I lived my years, made my mistakes
And somewhere I lost my shine
And my friends, they told me often
Babe, you need to right align

And now, after all is said and done
I know i might have to resign
To the fact that it's just too late
For me to Right Align.

Booty Call

girl, you know i love ya body
so don't be treatin me so shoddy
i'm sayin this loud, once 'n' for all
don't hang up on my booty call

your curves are sin, i'm the sinner
you're a trophy, i'm the winner
be my slave, not the wall
give in to my booty call

i know you're thinkin 'what of later'
i know your friends call me the predator
they're just prissy, screw 'em all
two words, no more: booty call.


(A nonversation as per Vogue, is party lingo for a conversation that is desultory and going nowhere.)

The traffic, it’s crazy today
Been to this club before?
Which side of town do you stay?
Love your dress, which store?

Oh wow, your son takes guitar classes
And taking the highway got me here faster
You don’t have network, God, that sucks
Your maid has quit, a disaster!

You love Thai food, that’s awesome
Gold’s Gym, Bandra, are you?
Everyone’s wearing purple these days
Getting a drink…make it two.

Nice knowing you
Nice making nonversation
I wish I could stay for more
But to be honest, I’m nearing expiration.

Simply Put

you should never have to feel insecure
or wonder 'what if'
or entertain thoughts uncertain
or doubt my robust intention

you should never have reason to cry
over my certainty for you
of things i say and if i mean them
of my love and where it stems from

you should never be confused or condemn
the promises i make and live by
i keep it simple, i keep it true
truth is, nothing quite compares to you.

I Feel

i feel an inexplicable sense of sadness
and i dont want to label it
reason it out or have someone explain it
or try to talk me out of it
i don't want to dilute it
or create a story out of it
i just want to feel it, raw and unbridled
I want to live the emotion.
i feel a strange sense of happiness
and i don't want to analyse it
extrapolate from it or dramatize it
plan upon it or give in to it
i don't want to take it for granted
or suck up to it
i just want to feel it, raw and unbridled
i want to live the emotion.

The Flashback

i had a flashback yesterday
a shot of pure nostalgia
it was like being in a train
and entering a tunnel
seeing flashes of light pass by
then being enveloped by pitch black
the edges of memories blurring
the context getting sharper
and it's all rushing by
while you desperately try to replay the flashback
face by face, moment by moment, detail by detail
and even thought you want to control the speed
you can't.
it was nice while it lasted
much like an alcohol-soaked evening
all you're left with when its over
is the bitter after-taste and a hangover.

Something To Rely On

It’s not a complaint
But let me make this understood
That as I get older
I’d rather not be driftwood

Being non-linear was fun
As was being crazy-wonky-reckless
But now that the lights are fading
I’d rather be protected than fearless

I agree we can’t change
And I’ll probably always be drawn
To the not-so-right, but truth be known
I need something to rely on....