Monday, August 15, 2011

In Tandem With Random

i was in a crucial meeting
when i had a random thought
i nearly choked with laughter
sadly, my boss did not

they say i'm kinda crazy
but i think i'm just random
and while its good to be linear
i'd rather be out of tandem

i was at a party drinking
when a random idea struck
i should have written it down, i know
but just my rotten luck

they say i'm kinda crazy
but i can't understand 'em
it's good to be linear, i know
but wouldn't u rather be random?

i was buying groceries one day
when a random tune played out
i don't know why or how or what
t'was nothing to write home about

they say i'm kinda crazy
but here's the corrigendum
crazy is as crazy does
and random is just random.

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