Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mid-Way Musings

Mid-way between Home and Nowhere
We got off at a stop called Stranded

Mid-way between Lost and Somewhere
We discovered our world had disbanded

Mid-way between Sure and Don't-know
We didn't muster the courage for a fight

Mid-way between Now and Never
We couldn't take a leap into the light

Mid-way between Arrived and So-Gone
We met up with a friend called Superficial

Mid-way between Truth and Disbelief
We put our faith in a mate called Prejudicial

Mid-way between Swayed and Steadfast
We gave in to everything that seemed different

Mid-way between Left-behind and Let-Go
We decided that we'll push ourselves to be brilliant

And so the wheel of Life has turned
And so our lives have been led
And so we'll go into the blasted light
And still believe we're not dead.

Let's Do This!

I don't have a strategy for fun
And I'm not sure if you're The One
There's a part of me that's feeling distorted
And yet, somehow I stand here feeling sorted
I won't distill my feelings, I won't clarify my thoughts
I'll let the evening play out, I won't connect the dots
This night is not for reason, it's for the ache in our heart
Sometimes the journey is wonderful, when you upset the cart

So let's settle down, send our doubts to the pyre
I've got a steady gaze, what else do we require?
Let's do this, baby, let's make it wow
Epic can wait, let's live in the now.

I don't have an appetite for drama
And I'm pretty certain your middle name is Trauma
There's a little voice that says I should be cautious
And yet tonight, that voice makes me nauseous
I won't look for your back-story, I won't slot you into a category
I won't impress you with my wardrobe or my vocabulary
For what are we, if we haven't lived raw and unfettered
If we haven't understood that not all experiences can be bettered

So let's settle down, tell our phones to retire
I've got an open mind, what else do we require?
Let's do this, baby, let's make it wow
Epic can wait, let's live in the now.

On Turning Older

Over the years, the lines will deepen
The body will lose its dexterity
Wearing my jeans may still be possible
But wearing my shorts will be a rarity

Skin will sag, chin will jiggle
And drooping shoulders will be regularity
And even as they walk behind me thinking
That my bottom is an aspect of hilarity

I'll hold court with gusto, with my news and views
Each laced with sarcasm and vulgarity
My body will give up to age and time
But my wit will still display peculiarity

Old age is coming and more often than not
The mind is a haze of non-clarity
So before I turn comatose and clueless
Let me donate my eyes to charity.

Friday, August 22, 2014

I Believe You're Not There

They tell me You live in that big temple with bigger security
But I believe You're not there
They tell me You'll only see people who walk bare feet and wait for hours
But I believe You're not that unfair
They tell me You like blocking the traffic and blaring the music
But I believe that's not Your style
They tell me You can be won over by keeping hungry on Tuesdays
But I believe that will only prove futile

They tell me You love it when we share praises about You on Facebook
But I believe You're not that pretentious
They tell me You'd rather not meet women who're menstruating
But I believe you're far more judicious
They tell me You're inventing new ways to win people back to You
But I believe You're not that desperate
They tell me You only reward people who're ready to pledge loyalty to You
But I believe loyalty and love are not commensurate
They tell me You send those who do bad stuff to hell
But I believe You display better acumen
They tell me You have a big appetite for the good stuff and the bad
But I believe it just makes You more human
They tell me You have a thing for self-righteous priests and retarded rituals
But I believe You just don't care

They tell me You live in that big temple with bigger security
But I believe You're not there.

Romantically Adept

You've always been factual, not endearing
Your words precise, so persevering

Factual is wonderful really, but you don't understand
Sometimes, all you have to do is hold my hand

And say something that will make me feel less solitary
Rather than console me with a de facto commentary

Yes,I know I'm strong and independent and blessed
But to constantly remind me so, makes me suspect

That you don’t want to say anything undue
Maybe you fear that I’ll misconstrue

But you ought to know that a woman won’t misunderstand
When you say Darling, she won’t think of a wedding band

So I'm just saying this with as much clarity as I can collect
To hell with being factual, be romantically adept.

An Ode To The Common Cold

Of all the worries, of all the woes
Nothing quite matches a stuffy nose
Nasal congestion is pretty democratic
It could strike a child, adult or geriatric
When it hits you, you feel like crap
Your voice sounds whiney, your nose is a tap
If you try to sleep, guaranteed you'll fail
You'll toss and turn, but you won't inhale
The mucus, you see, is a terrible malady
Steam could clear it, or some other remedy
Some use an inhaler like a baby pacifier
Others drink whiskey, but it only gets them higher

As for me, I roll in self-pity
Let my friends all know that I'm in Viral City

Hire a DVD, take tissues to bed
Or crawl to the kitchen, make soup and bread
My septum is on a strike but my stomach is not
So while my nose is runny, I still eat a lot
Then as I sleep, I remember to pray
And surprisingly, tonight there's just one thing to say
Oh Common Cold, I'll forget and forgive
But for goodness sake, just let me live.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

You Should Hang On To Him

You keep telling me he’s no better than slime
And all because he asks for more me-time
And just because he goes to sleep watching TV
Doesn’t mean his love for you isn’t sublime
You guys seem good, or am I missing something?
Agreed, he doesn’t visit the gym
He’s worth his weight in gold, what I’m saying is
You should hang on to him.

He lacks ambition and I won’t describe him as driven
The fact that he’s lackluster is a given
But he’s a likeable bloke when drunk and quiet
And when you see that sincere smile, all is forgiven
You love him, unless that has changed – has it?
Then the situation looks kind of grim
But if you think you’re cooler, that’s not true
You should hang on to him.

You’ve got designer friends and a job with a title
Your features are sharp, statistics vital
But you’re a selfie who doesn’t need a camera
Somewhat like a performer always giving a recital
So stand back and stop writing him off
You’re just as forgettably interim
Hang on to what’s best, hang on to my words
You should hang on to him.

Lost My Heart, Never Found It

It was a whisper of a suggestion
And it triggered off a flame
I guess I wanted a reaction
I thought you felt the same
And as I burnt in the demolition
Of love going down the drain
I knew what we'd shared was over
And we'd never go down that lane

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest I never tried
Because it felt good to have burnt in passion
Which forever, I thought had died

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest, I'm glad I'm crying
Because it's true that love is faithless
But that shouldn't stop me from trying

You've sold out to the rhyme and reason
And my life has hardly been a clean chit
But there's just one truth left, till the end of days
That I've lost my heart and never found it.

A Mean, Mean Note

You've made it amply known and how
That you're surrounded all the time
By fan mails and admirers and crazy flying objects
I'm not saying that's a crime

But surely you're competent enough to know
And it doesn't take Holmes-type detection
Your updates are packed with fizz and froth
But your toxic persona needs more conviction

One day, I thought I'd have a seizure
When you went on for hours about your phone
Then I heard you talk about some campaign you cracked
And it was as insufferable as a kidney stone

Much like a corporate brochure you sound
Brimming with lofty vision statements
And your pathetic attempts at being humble
Are just as forced as in-film placements

Am I being mean, yes undoubtedly
I'm a bad penny, I feel no remorse
And much as you're bound to be fit and fantastic
In being nicer, I'll take a refresher course.

Good, Bad

The good news is the flame is still there
The bad news is I've forgotten how to start a fire
The good news is that work is aplenty
The bad news is that plenty of the work is terrible

The good news is that people are generally nice
The bad news is that I'm not generally nice with them

The good news is that laughter is easy
The bad news is the laugh is often on me
The good news is the house looks great
The bad news is it's still not my home
The good news is that friends will beckon
The bad news is that I've nothing to hold them back
The good news is that change is inevitable
The bad news is that I distrust change

The good news is that life is decent
The bad news is that I'm not good with decent

The good and the bad
The yin and the yang
On a melancholic morning
A not-so-young poet sang.

Monday, June 02, 2014

My Selfie is for You, not for Me

I tried a top angle first, then a side profile
My Sunday overflowing with frustration
Then I got one where I looked thin, but not too happy
Finally, I met my expectation

Now only if you'd like it,my world would be complete
Only if this picture would change your perception

If not I'll change it in a nano-second, you see
I'll do anything to seed a deception

My selfie is for you, not for me
Coz I'm trying my best to distort reality
My world is fun, it's got no glitch
Though up close and personal, I'm just an empty little bitch.

Candid works best, but the pout is essential

Naive is wholesome, if laced with wicked intention
Whether we nail the conversation, matters miniscule
As long as we nail a selfie, we'll fight ridicule
So judge me on my selfie, not my self-worth
And crown me the princess in your head
If not, I'll clutter your brain with a thousand more images
I'll do anything to mislead and be misread

My selfie is for you, not for me
I've sold out to a world debauched on imagery
My world is cool and I'm pretty and rich
Though up close and personal, I'm just an empty little bitch.

The Lady Got Spunk

She isn't the goddess of propriety
And she hasn't lived the life of a monk
She may have a few skeletons in her closet
And a couple more hidden in the trunk
But when it comes to biting the bullet
And speaking aloud what she's thunk
Make no mistake, she'll roll the dice
Coz that lady, she got spunk.

She won't be checking the right boxes
Or walking hand-in-hand with the hunk
She may not look half as graceful
When she stumbles and falls, quite drunk
But when it comes to taking her chances
And making do with joys that have shrunk
Make no mistake, she'll spin the game
Coz that lady, she got spunk.

She won't win the Grand Slam for popularity
And her manner, it's eyebrow-raising funk
She's planned her life to be plan-less
And knows that she's pretty much sunk
But there's one thing about her that is boundless
There's one fact you can't debunk
Make no mistake, she'll show her mettle
Coz that lady, she got spunk.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

So Vanilla

Once upon a time, you had a point of view
One that was atypical, but so typical of you
Today it's watered down into 'everything is fine'
Nothing is improper, you never cross the line
Non-committal reactions
Non-frictional interactions
You were a pretty cool fella
When did you become so vanilla?

Your stories at parties are always so nice
They're like beautiful looking dishes, that somehow lack spice
You never have an opinion that comes with a sting
You're scared of being the outsider, or the ridicule it'll bring
Conformist not by choice
Always the reasonable voice
You were a pretty cool fella
When did you become so vanilla?

Some things are wrong, yet they feel so right
Some days are lived, without clinging to the light
Some thoughts should be aired, even if they're volatile
Some risks should be taken, even if they're futile
Go against the grain
Stop being so plain
You were a pretty cool fella

When did you become so vanilla?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Ordinary Side of Me

I cry easily
Unnecessarily at times
And eat ginger biscuits
Too many for my good
But that's not going to make you like me
Because that's not wild or whacky or wanton
So let me try and say something shocking
I've shoplifted.

I like crows
But I like owls better
And hate lukewarm tea
Not down my throat, no
But that's not going to make you like me
Because it's not clever or cool or catchy
So let me try and say something shocking
I've kissed a girl.

I am clueless
About money and maps and meditation
And I pretend to read some books
When actually, I haven't even heard of them
But that's not going to make you like me
Because it's not sassy or spunky or savvy
So let me say something shocking
I'm done.


One day you're surprising me
Next day, you're chastising me
And when I do something out of character
No doubt, you're analyzing me
Your faults are only human
And mine are close to umpteen
But you're the fuel to my fire
Baby, you're kerosene

There's a blowout in the making
And you know it's coming fast
It's going down and won't be pretty
And we can only hope to make it last
Our life will get all tangled
Like a dish of say, chowmein
But when you come close, much closer
Baby, I'm kerosene

So the moment is here to live out
Much like a glistening, polished knife
And whether you flick it or drag it
It'll leave a scar for life
And simply because you don't get it
And simply because it's not routine
It's still a bonfire in the making
And Baby, we're kerosene.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Simple, Normal Day

The chai is good, my maid has come

The sun is streaming, breakfast is done

I got up late, no deadlines to meet

I have no need to look pretty or neat

No one unexpected has come to the door

I've cooked dal and rice, it tastes as good as before

It's a simple normal day, I hope it stays that way

And this poem is ordinary, but that's okay.

The television is on, and love is in the air

My favourite show is serving predictable fare

My mind is wandering, and I love that it does

There's nowhere to go, so why make the fuss

My friends call, they're staying up late

But by going to bed, I've sealed my fate

It's a simple normal day, I hope it stays that way

And this poem is ordinary, but that's okay.

Then I close my eyes, and expect to sleep

But what I see, takes an astonishing leap

And normal becomes strange, and strange becomes crazy

And crazy gets crazier, my thoughts are a bit hazy

And my roller-coaster mind, it takes a long-haul flight

And simple normal days turn into not-so-simple nights

It's a simple normal day, I hoped it would stay that way

And this poem is ordinary, but nothing else is okay.

Today's not a Day like Everyday

I walk out into the morning
Do the skies seem a little bluer?
It can't have changed in a day, I mean
But can it be that today is truer?

Today's not a day like Everyday
Today's not like Everyday at all
Today's not a day like Everyday
Today, I don't feel all that small.

A crow looks beautiful on the wire
The traffic is dragging, but what's the hurry
And when I feel the sun skim upon my skin
It doesn't feel like this day is so ordinary.

Today's not a day like Everyday
Today feels a little inside-out
Today's not a day like Everyday
And I know tomorrow willl be filled with doubt.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Random Observations of a Hungry Mind

You Sir, you're a Flirt
And it's quite known that you chase the skirt
And while you pretend to deny
 That you've got a case of glad-eye
 Be warned, you won't escape unhurt

You Madam, you're a Tease
And while you can do as you please
 You can't cry foul
 And then begin to howl
 When you lead them on and then freeze

You Mister, you're a Quitter
What's worse, you're a fence sitter
 You're not sure what you want
And despite the machismo you flaunt
You're as lost as a pup in the litter.

You Girl, you're a Keeper
Problem is, men don't look deeper
So while you're all homely
And decidedly comely
There's a high chance you'll end up a weeper

You dude, you're a Show Stopper
And by god, your looks are a jaw dropper
The gym keeps you busy
You send girls into a tizzy
But as for wit, there you're a pauper

You lassie, you're a Whiner
No obstacle is ever minor
Tears are your tool
But nobody's a fool
So brace up, life won't get any finer.

Oh weary world, don't stop reading
Just because my words are bleeding
With sarcasm and acid
And nothing close to placid
I think I'm hungry, I need feeding.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Fix

Fix me a drink, will you
Make it strong, two cubes of ice
I’ll laugh while you tell me a joke
Or we could just stop being nice
You could tell me of your travels
And I could pretend to ask more questions
But the night won't be charmed by our chatter
Or with our best intentions  

You’re charming, I’m cute and all that jazz
But that never makes for an igniter
So should we shut the lights and go our ways
Rather than make it an all-nighter?

And just as you start to light a smoke
And just as I look at the ceiling
The unsaid gets spoken, the spoken gets bite
And we discover a nice, new feeling  

So give it time to brew
Fix me a drink, will you
Make it strong, two cubes of ice
Settle down, let's make this nice.

But Stay?

You're done speaking and yet, you've got something to say
You're done blaming yourself and yet, you have demons to slay
And while others are figuring out your life
It's been cutting you up like a knife
And you just want to go
You just want to go
But stay?

You're done holding on and yet, you're told to keep doing it
You're done paying for your lies and yet, you can't help undoing it
And while others are talking of healing
You've got this empty feeling
And you just want to go
You just want to go
But stay?

You're done with the smiling and yet, you wish there was a reason to smile
You're done with the philosophies and yet, you wish they weren't so futile
And while hope is in the making
Your resolve is kind of breaking
And you just want to go
You just want to go
But stay?


Out there is a world
That's opening up to your story
And just when you stand at the brink
You trip and fall into glory

It takes you for a sweetened ride
And you devour it in haste
One bitter pill of failure down,
You choke on the after taste

The road has ended, the ride is done
And the sign on you says 'Sold'
And all you have to show is this
That you're weary and rich and old.