Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Lost My Heart, Never Found It

It was a whisper of a suggestion
And it triggered off a flame
I guess I wanted a reaction
I thought you felt the same
And as I burnt in the demolition
Of love going down the drain
I knew what we'd shared was over
And we'd never go down that lane

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest I never tried
Because it felt good to have burnt in passion
Which forever, I thought had died

I lost my heart and never found it
To be honest, I'm glad I'm crying
Because it's true that love is faithless
But that shouldn't stop me from trying

You've sold out to the rhyme and reason
And my life has hardly been a clean chit
But there's just one truth left, till the end of days
That I've lost my heart and never found it.

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