Wednesday, July 02, 2014

You Should Hang On To Him

You keep telling me he’s no better than slime
And all because he asks for more me-time
And just because he goes to sleep watching TV
Doesn’t mean his love for you isn’t sublime
You guys seem good, or am I missing something?
Agreed, he doesn’t visit the gym
He’s worth his weight in gold, what I’m saying is
You should hang on to him.

He lacks ambition and I won’t describe him as driven
The fact that he’s lackluster is a given
But he’s a likeable bloke when drunk and quiet
And when you see that sincere smile, all is forgiven
You love him, unless that has changed – has it?
Then the situation looks kind of grim
But if you think you’re cooler, that’s not true
You should hang on to him.

You’ve got designer friends and a job with a title
Your features are sharp, statistics vital
But you’re a selfie who doesn’t need a camera
Somewhat like a performer always giving a recital
So stand back and stop writing him off
You’re just as forgettably interim
Hang on to what’s best, hang on to my words
You should hang on to him.

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