Friday, August 22, 2014

An Ode To The Common Cold

Of all the worries, of all the woes
Nothing quite matches a stuffy nose
Nasal congestion is pretty democratic
It could strike a child, adult or geriatric
When it hits you, you feel like crap
Your voice sounds whiney, your nose is a tap
If you try to sleep, guaranteed you'll fail
You'll toss and turn, but you won't inhale
The mucus, you see, is a terrible malady
Steam could clear it, or some other remedy
Some use an inhaler like a baby pacifier
Others drink whiskey, but it only gets them higher

As for me, I roll in self-pity
Let my friends all know that I'm in Viral City

Hire a DVD, take tissues to bed
Or crawl to the kitchen, make soup and bread
My septum is on a strike but my stomach is not
So while my nose is runny, I still eat a lot
Then as I sleep, I remember to pray
And surprisingly, tonight there's just one thing to say
Oh Common Cold, I'll forget and forgive
But for goodness sake, just let me live.

1 comment:

anandg said...

Awesome. As someone who has suffered and keeps doing so from colds (i seem to have a predisposition for it) this poem struck a chord.