Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mid-Way Musings

Mid-way between Home and Nowhere
We got off at a stop called Stranded

Mid-way between Lost and Somewhere
We discovered our world had disbanded

Mid-way between Sure and Don't-know
We didn't muster the courage for a fight

Mid-way between Now and Never
We couldn't take a leap into the light

Mid-way between Arrived and So-Gone
We met up with a friend called Superficial

Mid-way between Truth and Disbelief
We put our faith in a mate called Prejudicial

Mid-way between Swayed and Steadfast
We gave in to everything that seemed different

Mid-way between Left-behind and Let-Go
We decided that we'll push ourselves to be brilliant

And so the wheel of Life has turned
And so our lives have been led
And so we'll go into the blasted light
And still believe we're not dead.

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