Thursday, September 11, 2014

On Turning Older

Over the years, the lines will deepen
The body will lose its dexterity
Wearing my jeans may still be possible
But wearing my shorts will be a rarity

Skin will sag, chin will jiggle
And drooping shoulders will be regularity
And even as they walk behind me thinking
That my bottom is an aspect of hilarity

I'll hold court with gusto, with my news and views
Each laced with sarcasm and vulgarity
My body will give up to age and time
But my wit will still display peculiarity

Old age is coming and more often than not
The mind is a haze of non-clarity
So before I turn comatose and clueless
Let me donate my eyes to charity.

1 comment:

rajat ghosh said...

olg age , in just a no, why bother with the body which shall perish