Tuesday, April 29, 2014


One day you're surprising me
Next day, you're chastising me
And when I do something out of character
No doubt, you're analyzing me
Your faults are only human
And mine are close to umpteen
But you're the fuel to my fire
Baby, you're kerosene

There's a blowout in the making
And you know it's coming fast
It's going down and won't be pretty
And we can only hope to make it last
Our life will get all tangled
Like a dish of say, chowmein
But when you come close, much closer
Baby, I'm kerosene

So the moment is here to live out
Much like a glistening, polished knife
And whether you flick it or drag it
It'll leave a scar for life
And simply because you don't get it
And simply because it's not routine
It's still a bonfire in the making
And Baby, we're kerosene.

1 comment:

Wanderlust said...

Fantastic! Now there's a song waiting to be sung!