Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Girl, Small World

I’m a big girl now

I don’t need small talk
That takes you away from the larger picture

I don’t cultivate small fries
Who are basically sycophants with large promises

I don’t place my bets on this small world
That is ruled disproportionately by large incomes

I don’t value small mercies
That are compromises wrapped in large wrappings

I don’t find small joys
And that only hurts me largely at times

I don’t appreciate small measures
Because they often divert from the larger plot

I don’t get small lies
Because you always end up being the larger victim

I don’t like the fact that small town dreams
Have resulted in a larger-than-life ego

And yet
As I look into the mirror
I see a person
And she’s smaller
Far smaller a person that she was.


Ahmed.CS said...

"small is beautiful" would be apt for you and all your notions.Ahmed CS

Madhusha said...

Such a beautiful poem.