Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Screw

The blokes, they say are thinking
Of sex most of the time
The chicks, they love the talking
Which some consider a crime

The rakes, they count vaginas
Like a shepherd counts his sheep
The innocents, they prize their virginity
Then gladly, lose it to a creep

The Indians, claim they’re experts
This side of the Brahmaputra
Their experiences few, their theories vast
They proudly cite the kamasutra

The kids, they’re shielded fiercely
From the proverbial birds and bees
But the parents soon figure, that sex is de rigeur
For a generation fed on sleaze

The 69, well, much has been said
At cocktails, some hold court
Of affairs in the past, when they’ve left ‘em aghast
With their prowess to contort

The truth, when all is said and done
Is that, no matter how you think or act
Whether you’re wedded, or simply just bedded
Life will screw you and that’s a fact.

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