Tuesday, May 08, 2018


They won’t hurt you here, he said
But in the end, all she did was bled
And the stories, they continued to spread.

Posts were written, anger was displayed
Some agitated, some fervently prayed
But sadly, justice was denied and delayed.

They say that such things take time to end
They say that punishment may not make amends
But who’s to say - if they’ll break or we’ll bend.

The voices will get louder, anger will rise
But all of us are wondering, if this alone will suffice
For the fault lies in us, we must pay the price.

We may worship the deities, but inside us lies black
We may walk to temples, but its humanity we lack
And for all of that, we must face the flack.

This isn’t us, this is the story of a nation
This problem lies within, it’s our own creation
So let’s not treat it like a tumour, in isolation.

When we get to the root, we’ll see the rot
How impoverished we are, in mind and thought
And how much little we were really taught.

We all have crosses to bear, this is ours to accept
The fact that as a society, we’re morally inept
And somewhere close by, another girl has wept.

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