Thursday, April 12, 2018


What gave you the idea
That I was a loner
Was I looking sufficiently busy
Staring at my phone, quite pretentious
Or was I doing that chatter
That’s largely noise, wholly pointless
Or was I laughing too loud
At jokes that weren’t meant to be funny
Or did I stand at the bar
And eavesdrop on conversations, quite openly.

It’s funny you should tell me
Because I noticed you as well
You weren’t looking like you were happy
Don’t ask but I could tell.

What gave me the idea
That you were a loner
Were you hobnobbing with a crowd of people
All collectively glad you’re there
Or was it the fact that in a matter of time
They were around, but not there
Or was it the silent plea for help
That surrounds each brave word you speak
Or the dystopia that you battle with
When you show up at work and leave.

It’s funny I should tell you
Because you noticed me as well
I wasn’t looking like I was happy
I won’t ask but you can tell.

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