Thursday, April 12, 2018


‘Are you mad?’, she asked
Over a hushed whisper and a glare
‘Whatever gave you the idea’ he replied
And studiously ignored her stare.

She wasn’t good at sparring
He wasn’t good at being slighted
They weren’t too happy a couple
But yet, they sat there united.

It was apparent to all who saw them
That they were tied in holy matrimony
But anyone who glanced at them closer
Could tell their dalliance was phony.

They suffered the silences, ate their words
And came out a little bit defeated
And yet, they proudly wore the badge
Of never having bedded and cheated.

It wasn’t sensational, it wasn’t original
And yet, it was telling of the time
When neither one cared, yet no one dared
To leave what they considered a shrine.

1 comment:

Dhirendra Yashwant said...

When I am sitting alone at the restaurant or at a park, my favorite pastime is to observe couples and predict how much would they love each other. Good one. Thanks - Dhirendra