Tuesday, July 17, 2018


They judged him
Because he wasn’t like the rest
Maybe because he didn’t fit in
He didn’t care so much to be the best
All he wanted was to potter around
And flit around like the butterflies
Sit amongst books and dolls and such
Then wonder idly at the expansive skies
“Why can’t he be normal?” they asked
But the answer wasn’t one they agreed upon
So they made him an object of their ridicule
While he stood in a corner, forlorn.

They judged her
Because she was just like every other
Maybe she was too much of a wallflower
She certainly wasn’t as pretty as her mother
Her comfort lay in numbers and codes
And theories that were not accidental
All she wanted was to understand the cosmos
In a way that would prove elemental
“Why can’t she be normal?” they asked
But the answer wasn’t one that they approved of
So they made her the object of their ridicule
While she sat in a corner, scoffed.

But before you know, this is Here and Now
When times have changed, as have lives and stories
Scoffers and sceptics are left lamenting
Those who stood apart are worthy of many glories
You may not be what the world wants you to be
You may not say what the world expects you to
Normalcy be damned, you’ll stay victorious
If you just listen to one voice: You.

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eaglezflyte said...

Wow... Anthem!