Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Yes, we love the pretty people
The ones with shiny hair and eyes
But they lack the sass, they’re a pain in the ass
Because they’re so literal and nicey-nice.
The eternal optimists and their motivation
Much like a gooey chocolate cake
You may like it once a day, but you secretly pray
That their smileys won’t offset a headache.

It’s imperative to meet the ones with wit
The ones who won’t bat an eyelid
The ones who’ll make you laugh, straight-faced
The ones whose one-liners with acid are laced
The ones who shun the thought of slapstick
The ones who stay blessedly sarcastic.

True, there are people who laugh easily
At stuff that’s repetitive and mediocre
Whose idea of fun, is the most basic pun
It’s like hanging with a self-confessed joker.
Less said about those who’re annoyingly verbose
Nothing can be expressed in less than a para
Our minds may wander, way over yonder
But they’ll continue unashamed and blah-blah.

That’s when you need to say less
And make a point with much finesse
That’s when your brain tingles with a response
That’s not too laboured, tinged with nonchalance
That’s when you know it’s simply fantastic
When you can safely stay blessedly sarcastic.

Here’s a quick note to novices of the Art
If you don’t get the joke, take heart
Forgive us for not being overenthusiastic
We’re simply blessed to stay sarcastic.

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eaglezflyte said...

Sarcasm's the best.. and it can be honed like the samurai. With discipline, direction, artfulness and dedication.. such a pleasure to witness a samurai, such a joy to duell a ronin