Monday, January 12, 2015


The year’s coming to an end and so is
Our promise to turn things around
And as our timelines burn, we fail to return
To a place called Lost and Found

Lastyear, we spoke of living easy
But Monday after, we were living manic
Our resolves got hazy, our schedules crazy
As Peaceful got eaten up by Panic

There was a time when we’d play it by ear
And meet life on the front foot
But these days we’re unclear and driven by fear
So we stay salaried and stay put

Our senses have been numbed by the commonplace
And we’re comfortable to procrastinate
But the more we lie low, the more we’ll let go
Of our chance to rethink and recalibrate

Truth is, New Year is just another time warp
And we choose to stay confined
But if we change our view, and start something new
I reckon we’ll leave these days behind.

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