Monday, January 12, 2015


She means a no but says yes,
He's sure about it but says 'more or less'
I want to find love but I say maybe
You want to say bitch but say baby
He is so gay but says he's heterosexual
She wants someone cool, but says retrosexual
They don't want to hurt us, so say they're undecided
We know we're doomed, but say we're misguided
Our tangled minds are doubtful of coming clean
So we take the easy road and not say what we mean.
It's tough for her to cope but she says it's easy
He's lonely as hell but says he's been busy
I want to win you over but say it doesn't matter
You like them quiet and calm but say you like the chatter
He wants to be sarcastic but says he's not so clever
She wants to take that trip but says 'probably never'
They don't want to know us but they come and say hello
We've been cruelly dumped but we say we let go
Truth can be so cruel, lies are a sweet vaccine
So we use it liberally and not say what we mean.
The truth behind our lines
The shadows behind the scene
The fact behind the fiction
The blunt behind the sheen
It will all stay behind wraps
For we don't say what we mean.

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