Monday, January 12, 2015


Closer to my heart, I’m feeling
A sensation I’d describe as crazy
Something that prompts me to get better
In areas I was hitherto lazy

I’m often trying hard but failing
In convincing you of my affections
My words are clichéd, attempts naïve
Leaving behind mere good intentions

Good food is key and I’m learning
How to put my heart onto a plate
But the more I fuss about the garnishing
The less I worry about the taste

I tried to sing a song once
With lyrics that were laced with passion
But that didn’t go down too well either
For bad music is never in fashion

Rocking your boat with books and debates
On topics that were both somber and eclectic
Was working well till you laughed at me
And said you preferred me poetic

So I wrote a poem that described my pathos
And how you could be the one to change that
But the poem was tragic and lacked magic
And my attempts to win you just fell flat

It’s been a struggle and agony aunts
Tell me that I shouldn’t try so hard
And I’ve done that too, but tell you what
I’m not too good at doing disregard

So closer to my heart I’m feeling
A sensation I’d describe as hazy
Something that I understand perfectly
And yet, you describe it as crazy.

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