Saturday, May 29, 2010

the player

it's fascinating
to watch a good looker
taking it slow, keeping it cool
knowing he'll get to hook 'er

he's the smooth operator
and oh, he knows his game
he attracts those sideways glances
like moths are to a flame

he won't give in easy
coz he knows its in the chase
he won't give out too much
so her interest in him stays

the eye contact will be steady
the repartee will be witty
the compliment will be casually thrown
and the girl's in his kitty

his strategy is to move quick
coz he doesnt want it boring
choose them, use them, lose them
and always keep on scoring

but what's even more fascinating
is that every goddamn chick
knows this guy for what he is
but still falls for this prick

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