Saturday, May 08, 2010

think towel

the towel is a useful thing

keeps you dry, clothes un-cling

fluffy or thin, the towel's essential

in keeping your assets confidential

a girl in one is a winner

in bollywood, she's a money spinner

if you're bulky on the top or at the hip

keep one handy, before you strip

but if you wish to titillate

a towel will be the perfect bait

a beach towel makes things merrier

when she's lying face down, scorching her derriere

if it drops, just pray that your body

is in shape, not shoddy

at five-star hotels, they give you turkish

at home i prefer ones that are dark-ish

a towel lying around is a bomber

a woman sees red, the man is a goner

On the towel, i could continue to theorize

but i need to go and buy one that's full-size.

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