Monday, May 17, 2010

what not to wear; how not to get dumped

men who wear three-fourths
seriously?! not cool.
spotless sneakers with white socks?
please go back to school.

jeans that show your butt crack
get outta my sight
body odour, waxed chest
you're calling for a fight

embroidered shirt, ironed jeans
dude, what were you thinking?
OD-ing on the hair gel...
can send her spirits sinking

watery weak handshakes?
come on, we don't bite
checking your hair in every mirror
then you're a woman right?

when it comes to dressing sharp
if you're kinda stumped
keeping it simple will save you
from the misery of being dumped

so cotton shirt, cool tees
jeans and a good cologne
thats not tough, so get with it
and you may not end up alone.