Tuesday, December 01, 2015


I'm not making much sense
But I'll keep talking anyway
Because when I say things like Choice and Freedom together
Everyone thinks I'm liberated and cool
And then they will love me for 'taking a stand'
Though what the stand is, I'm a bit confused
But for sure, I'll pour my heart out
After all, saying I suffered a heartbreak is so damn bold
So I'll say it through a magnificently directed montage
People love montages where a crescendo builds up
I'll do the voice-over, give me words that sound powerful
Though what they mean, I'm not sure of
Let's cover that up with hair and makeup
We'll get 'likes', won't we
We'll change this world, won't we
So glad I could help
I'm so empowered, I'm a Woman.
I've been suppressed and oppressed for years
And men have to allow me to make choices, damn it
So I'll do that on TV and Facebook
Because in real life, I don't really want to be decisive
In fact, I often can't decide my drink
Or what to eat at a restaurant (I need my husband's help for that)
I also have to go to the loo with friends (come on, I can't go alone)
And hey, I still believe men should pay for me at restaurants
And be more ambitious, have more money
And when I bitch a female friend out for having random sex
I'm just being chatty, not judgmental
So start admiring me, let's get some media
Let's have a party, where I sign some wall
And you guys can take a pledge
It'll all be so cool
So glad I could help
I'm so empowered, I'm a Woman.

Who wants to make hard choices, for God's sake
It's much too inconvenient
For I may lose my servants and cars and shoes and bags
Fact is, I still worry silly about not being attractive to men
Or not having the guts to get all fat and wrinkly
Or about others being younger and fitter and prettier
Or the fact that I still don't even know what we women are fighting for
But that's too much hard work
Let's forget all that and write a song
Some man will do the job
Me? I'll look strong, you tell me how
So glad I could help
I'm so empowered, I'm a Woman.

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