Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Everyone fucks up
And that's the only truth
Everyone hurts
And we all look to be soothed

Everyone isn't funny
And the ones who are, are blessed
Everyone is imperfect
But we never let our failings to rest

Everyone has a story
And it goes deeper than the skin
Everyone is fighting some battle
The one that's raging within

Everyone loves a winner
Especially when they're centre stage
Everyone has an opinion
But some just keep it locked in a cage

Everyone wants to be loved
But we mix it with expectations
Everyone wants to feel good
But we have our reservations

So real, yet so not actual
So true, yet so not factual
This is our world, this is our need
This is our life, this is our greed
And so our good and bad will collide
And so we'll show our human side.

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