Tuesday, December 01, 2015


So much was left to be said
But we thought we'd keep it for later
So much seems so twisted now
Back then, it all looked straighter

So much still fills us with regret
And regret hasn't made us happier
So much was fine in the beginning
But we were the ones who made it crappier

So much of our fondness is now tainted
With the egoistic pull of a sullen heart
So much of distance has set in
That even our history seems worlds apart

So much of the day is spent in Rewind
And so much of the night is spent in Resign
So much of judgment has turned to Disrespect
And Disrespect has been trounced by Decline

Take all this much, Take all of it
But give back a little, a little bit
In the folds of Apathy, in the shadows of Despairing
There lurks a corner, still called Love & Caring
And in this corner, let's make a retreat
So much for ego, let it take back seat.

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