Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Before you were famous and so full of yourself
Were you preparing for the Lead Role
Or were you wondering if you'd get a designation
Which everyone secretly refers to as Asshole
Before your mistook pompous for clever
Were you taking tuition in Jargon
Or were you so busy thinking out of the box
That you jumped onto the same old bandwagon
Before you ate Vegan and spoke crap
Were you consumed by a feeling called Mercenary
Because that would explain why most consider you
To be on the same page as Ordinary
Before you chose to lead what others hate to follow
Were you part of a tribe called Loser
For you should know that when you're away
Each of us turn into an abuser.

Oh, you're back! And so we smile
And say 'Hey Boss, you were missed
But secretly we're pining and praying and hoping
That by some miracle, you're dismissed.

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