Tuesday, December 01, 2015


She was like the twilight
Neither here nor there
She wore her hair in abandon
Her words were minus care
Her dreams were neon
Her stories were twisted, knotted
And when the stars shone down
Even they were strangely besotted
Wonderfully weird
Nothing was usual but here's the thing
She could bring a perspective
That no one else could bring
Wonderfully weird
She was like a mystery collective
So alluringly imaginative
Yet alarmingly reflective
It was difficult to keep up with her
So unfettered was her madness
And right in the middle of that smile
You'd spot a glint of sadness
So when she told you to dance
You'd never want to say no
For she would be your music
And her eyes would be your floor
Wonderfully weird
She didn't give any explanation
And even as she shook off the constant
She would show you the direction
Wonderfully weird
She was like a day in the sun
Sun-burnt and exhausted
But knowing you're not done.

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