Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Welcome to my world
A little clear, a little twisted
And if you care to breathe in the scars
You'll find them quite infested
With dots that don't connect
And horizons that are familiar, yet out of sight
But if you care to go easy on me
You'll discover what they need is a torch of light

Back in the past, life was different
Finding a balance was easy, we had perspective
Of what freedom felt like, what we had to account for
Now we're guided by an upside-down introspective
Spoken words won't establish who I am
But there won't be a need for knowing
Because if you care to hold my hand
You'll figure which way the wind is blowing

Telephone conversations may do for a change
But they won't change anything for good
It will only make you cajole and castrate
But I still run the danger of being misunderstood
Maybe it's me, maybe it's you
But if we choose, our faith will change it all
And if you care to stay, just stay beside
You'll know how to pick me up after a fall.

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