Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Should we refuse to wake up
Till the Department of Deadlines has left town
Should we send Schedules & Such on a sabbatical
Then turn the file of If-Only upside down
Should we chuck our Unresolved Issues
Into the deep sea of Never Found
Should we dig into a jar of Seemingly Worthless
And come up with a cookie called Hang Around
Should we sight a rainbow called Distant Hope
And chase a cloud that's labelled Someday
Should we eat from a buffet called Lazy Humour
While listening to a record called Idle Play
Should we lace each drink with Sweet Surrender
And smoke up rings of Fatal Attraction
Should we go down a lane called Small Wonders
And stop for tea at Honest Reaction
Or should we wake up and take a Breath of Brimful
And make sense of Life, as we see it
For it's only when you blend the Real with the Dreamy
That you find a drink named That's The Spirit.

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